Why run a full 10-men ..

.. when 4 will do just fine?!

The evening started out already kinda interesting: “T2 anyone?” “Yeah.” “Aye, can do.” “I’m game.” “Neff?” “He’s been afk at the portal for days now.” “Cool, ahem.” Well, we grouped up and Zarena went AWOL right away. “Zarena?” “Yeah?” “Why did you leave group?” “Oh blimmin’, thought it was you guys queueing.” .. and mumble just went completely roflolmao!

Ok, so the rest of us pugged two, started and finished the T2 within minutes while Zarena’s group took their time. “We’re done Zar. Where you at?” “Between 2nd and 3rd boss.” “oO” ..  then the idea of a master mode was discussed, with only 4 of us on, we weren’t sure but thought about 4-man’ing it, no biggie.

Thera came up with another cool idea: “Hey, why not 4-man the first boss in DH again?! That was fun last time.” Aye, good idea .. so let’s! Group composition was briefly talked about and soon we entered the Drowned Halls. Jorb hit the dust quite gracefully, finally giving up his precious Hand Cannon (whoa yeah!), Ragetide was obviously tired from having too much Autumn Harvest mead and Isskal more than just a bit puzzled when the 4 of us peaked around the corner and said: “Yo dude, how about you give us some good loot or else?!” Isskal went for the latter, we for the loot.

We got Hydriss down to 54% and 5:20mins left on the enrage timer. Resistance isn’t futile it seems but it won’t hold us back forever. Bit more tweaking then we’ll get you grounded, Lady!

Good fun lads! And Kar’s punchline was way too good not to write a Blog about yet another spontaneous lol-fest with the Rebels. Let’s have some more of this .. 😉

Raid members: Karwin, Zarena, Branch and Zabael


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